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Hey West Coast, what makes you different?

By Coach Mike, 08/22/17, 11:15AM PDT


West Coast is an ADVANCED PREP baseball program

West Coast is an ADVANCED PREP baseball program.  Yes we provide teams, however we are focused on the development of our players.  Our ADVANCED baseball development program ranks at the top of the baseball development pyramid.  BWC has knowledgeable PROFESSIONAL instructors who teach from REAL experience.  They have played at the highest of levels of the game and are able to draw from this experience and teach young players what it takes to get to the next level. WC is not preoccupied with winning the next over-sized trophy. WC has the rapport of local High School and National Collegiate programs to recommend talent and help our players reach that next level. West Coast does not fall to the obsession of winning at all cost or being the "winningest" coaches at the youth level, but rather takes care of their players by teaching the game right, teaching individual fundamentals, and producing prospects.