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What is the Difference?

By Coach Mike, 08/22/17, 11:15AM PDT


Travel ball has become very popular in the country. Especially in Warm Weather parts of the country where players can play baseball year-round.  Travel ball is often plagued by the phrase "daddy-ball' due to the ease of which a couple local dads can put together a team by getting some players from the local rec leagued to play in tournaments.  There are no doubt, some of these teams are very talented and do win games, however, when it comes time for the big field, parents and players come to realize that talent is not enough and they need to learn the fundamentals to succeed at the next level. Some of these dads really do know the game and perhaps have played ball themselves to a certain extent. Some teams really are impressive at times when it comes to winning, however, most teams tend to experience dramatic atmospheres in the bleachers and love-hate relationships with coaches and families tend to disband around the time the big field starts to beckon.